Taking to the Skies Over Agora Beach – Greek Kouzina & Beach Bar

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I’ve featured Agora Beach – Greek Kouzina (“Cuisine” in English) & Beach Bar on the blog before when I interviewed one of its owners, Pavlos Dimitropolous. As the multiple images included in the article will attest, the views from the beach bar are stunning as well as the beach bar itself. They didn’t really offer a glimpse of the beach that Agora Beach fronts so that’s why I was stoked to see the above video from them on YouTube.

The water is as clear and smooth as we are accustomed to enjoying in the Caribbean with white sand to match. The soundtrack is pleasant, featuring a tune that I consider quite catchy. I just with it had gone on a little longer so I could fully experience “the drop” (that’s my EDM geek side coming out). There’s nothing especially unique about the video, taken from a birds eye view – production is a minimum – but it accomplishes what it sets out to do while letting the ocean and beach take center stage. There’s no need for over-the-top production with a view like that.

Agora Beach has been adding more videos to their YouTube channel lately so check them out if you get the chance!

Author: Tom W.

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