Beach Bar Spotlight – Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, Alega Beach, American Samoa

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Battling towering palms and assorted green foliage on Alega Beach, Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, located on American Samo, has firmly planted itself as a favored beach bar in the Samoan islands. Featuring “village hospitality,” organic meals utilizing product from their own garden and their world famous Pina Kolada, Tisa’s is proud of its role as “a pioneer and advocate of Eco-tourism.”

Tisa’s located in Pago Pago, overlooks Alega Bay, home to the Alega Marine Reserve. Tisa, the bar owner, and Candyman, the bartender/chef, are steadfast supporters of the Alega Marine Sanctuary and Ocean Conservation. Their commitment to ocean conservation and the environment as a whole now spans three plus decades. That commitment extends to the bar where they practice a “low impact operation” whose goal is to minimize future damage to all living things.

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The dedication to the environment doesn’t mean that fun isn’t to be had at Tisa’s Barefoot Bar. Many festivals, theme nights, parties, etc. are on the schedule. Included among those are the Samoan Umu Feast, Nude Friday, the Palolo Festival and the Tatto Festival.

You can find out more about Tisa’s Barefoot Bar at their website.

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About Tisa’s Barefoot Bar
“After twenty eight years of developing the World Famous Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, we are proud to present the new and improved Tisa’s low impact business blueprint. The amazing Barefoot World of Tisa’s has matured to everything barefoot. This Barefoot World includes the world famous Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, Eco lodge accommodations, a Barefoot Umu Feast every Wednesday, a Marine and Wild Life Preserve, a Traditional Tatau Art Festival, a PO ULA Night, and the Palolo Festival. Because we are living in times of a Food Security Revolution, Tisa’s offers organic meals from our garden to your dining experience. Join the harvest of life in our eco- garden and gather your own with your famous hosts. Spending time in Tisa’s Barefoot World inspires and heals. This world is sustainable and fueled by Nature. Your Barefoot hosts, Tisa and Candy Mann’s, eco- blueprint is a must see. Our evolving mission is shaped by our journey; changing from how to preserve and protect, to how to use less and do good when you get there.”

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