BVI’s Willy T Possibly Forced To Relocate

The Willy T, a boat-turned-floating-bar typically found off The Bight on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands, has been told it needs to find a new home. Beached in Hurricane Irma, the new and improved replacement version of this bar arrived at its previous home expecting to be able to set up shop in the same spot again, according to an article that appeared in BVI News.

According to the article, when the current owner, Ewan Anderson, returned to the British Virgin Islands with the new boat, “he visited Her Majesty’s Customs at the Tortola Pier Park,” and “was told he had to seek another location to do business.”

To quote Mr. Anderson from the BVI News article:

“Having travelled more than 1,600 miles by sea, spent half-a-million dollars on the new Willy T to be told by [Premier and Minister responsible for Tourism] Dr Orlando Smith and Archibald Christian [the Junior Minister of Tourism], that there was a new development in The Bight and they [the developers] do not want the new Willy T anchored there.”

While the issue had been raised before, there had been no further discussions. Citing nobody’s rights to the sea, Mr. Anderson is considering his legal options.

Find out more about the BVI News article on the possible relocation of the Willy T.

Author: Tom W.

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