Beach Bar Spotlight – Driftwood Boat Bar, St. Maarten

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The Driftwood Boat Bar is a beach bar located on the north end of Maho Beach in St. Maarten. Smaller in stature and size to the more well-known Sunset Beach Bar located at the opposite end of the beach, Driftwood has gained in popularity. With some of the changes occurring at Sunset not sitting well with it patrons, many consumers have started drifting down the beach to Driftwood.

With a bar as its centerpiece, Driftwood is perched yards away from the water in Simpson Bay, offering spectacular views of the sunsets and planes landing and taking off next just across the street at Princess Julianna International Airport. While the beach bar was damaged by Hurricane Irma, reopened a few months later and is doing better than ever. If the environment at Sunset Beach Bar doesn’t appeal to you, give the more laidback Driftwood Boat Bar a try. It’s been popular for year with locals and if anyone knows the best places to go, it’s them.

Images below taken pre-Irma.

beach bar, caribbean

beach bar, caribbean

If you decide to go, try a public mode of transportation. Parking is pretty much non-existent so it’s worth the little bit of extra money it will take to pay someone else to get you there and back. Plus, if you plan on enjoying any of their delicious cocktails, it’s always better to have someone else drive home no matter where you are.

Driftwood doesn’t have a website at the moment so you’ll have to follow them on social media for updates.

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Facebook – There is another page that has more likes but this one is updated more frequently.

Links To People Who Know More Than I Do
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About Driftwood Boat Bar
“Driftwood Boat Bar is right on Maho Beach, which is world famous for watching Airplanes landing and take-offs.”

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