Four Minutes at the Tipsy Tuna Beach Bar, Placencia, Belize

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If the colors of Belize’s Tipsy Tuna Beach Bar, located in Placencia, can’t generate a little bit of excitement in your speech, I’m not sure anything can. One of our favorite newly discovered YouTubers, “DrMucker,” recently visited the popular beach bar. Managing to go the whole visit with nary an inflection in his voice, DrMucker commences the tour at the street side entrance to the beach bar. A fence, dotted with clever and colorful signs, lines the pathway to the beach bar.

DrMucker makes his way to the upstairs deck which offers a magnificent vantage point with sweeping views of the beach. Stating that “the food is great, the beer is cold and the people are very friendly,” he goes on to declare “For me, that’s about all it takes.” Can’t really disagree with the doctor.

The video offers an in-depth tour of the rest of the beach bar, including the ground floor and views from the beach. DrMucker recommends getting there early as the place fills up fast. After viewing his video, I can see why.

Author: Tom W.

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