We Built Our Own Beach Bar – Jeff Ross And His Mini-Margaritaville

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As I consider various bars for our enjoyment around our pool this summer, the appeal of bars made from pallets becomes greater. Assumedly easy to construct from materials that cost next to nothing, going the pallet way seems like a valuable alternative, especially when it will only be used for half the year.

That’s why I was excited when Jeff Ross shared his outdoor bar on the Facebook page. Constructed from pallets (with pallets made from furniture as well), it was exactly what I had envisioned – a weather-worn beachy look with enough paint and decorations to bring the area to life.

Jeff and his wife Diane love the beach and despite being 2 ½ hours away from their home in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, their almost weekly visits to the beach made Jeff yearn for a home closer to the sand and water. With understandable family concerns, making the move to the beach wasn’t a possibility but bringing a part of it home certainly was. That’s when Jeff came up with the idea for his backyard beach bar.

Jeff started collecting pallets and looking at images of bars and finally came up with an idea in his head. Going for a tattered look with a real beach feel, Jeff took about three weekends to build and paint his beach bar with it all coming together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Happy with the finished beach bar, Jeff realized that the rest of the porch looked empty and set about building the couch and tables, again utilizing pallets and some elbow grease. Continuously adding signs and other decorations, Jeff’s “mini Margaritaville” has become a beloved place for family and friends to gather proving once again that you don’t need a beach to create a beach bar atmosphere.

Do you have a backyard escape you’d like to feature on the blog? If so, send me an email at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com. We’re always looking for inspiration and it might just make you the envy of all your friends and family. Or find you some new friends and family you never knew you had. 🙂

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