How to Visit 28 Florida Keys Bars in Just Six Days

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First off, we don’t condone drinking and driving so no matter how you plan on visiting 28 bars in the Florida Keys in just six days, be responsible and don’t drink and drive. Now that the public service announcement is out of the way ….

The plan to visit 28 bars in the Florida Keys in six days isn’t something I came up with. That honor would fall on YouTube user David Pollock. While I certainly have a dream to some day “squander a week on a leisurely pub crawl descending and ascending the Florida Keys” as Mr. Pollock so wonderfully describes it, I can’t take any credit for actually creating a plan to do it. Luckily for the rest of us, Mr. Pollock has and in the above video, he gives you all the information you need to commit to your squandering week.

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Information in the 25 plus minute video is extensive with Mr. Pollock offering helpful advice such as where to find each bar, highlights, features and images. Favorites are included as well as some not-so-famous bars, providing potential squandering pub crawlers plenty of variety. And don’t worry – a day to day itinerary is included so you don’t have to fret about whether you’re on schedule or not. David has worked it all out for you!

Have you done a bar crawl through the Florida Keys? If so, how many did you hit during your time in paradise? What do you think about David’s plan? Doable? I might have to try and put his itinerary to test myself. You know, in the name of research.

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