The BVI’s William Thornton (Willy T) Sets Target Date For Return

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One of the bars in the British Virgin Islands I get asked the most about since the hurricanes is the William Thornton, otherwise known as the Willy T. A floating bar (basically a boat with a bar on it) normally found moored in The Bight at Norman Island, the last sighting of the Willy T. was of it beached on a nearby shore with most everything above deck swept away during Hurricane Irma.

Information about it has been hard to find online, owing mostly to it not having many updates on social media. Word finally did come out from “The Official William Thornton (Willy T) Fan Club” Facebook page at the end of January. The update, which states that the Willy T will be back “bigger and better than ever,” sets a target date for having the boat-turned-bar back at the Bight by this May. The post in its entirety is as follows:

“The Willy T is on it’s way back! We are currently under reconstruction with the new Willy T and it will be bigger and better than ever! We are targeting to have the Willy T back at the Bight at Norman Island by May. If we can get there sooner, we will! We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family from all over… it’s been too long! See you soon! BVI Strong!”

BVI News is reporting that the Willy T is scheduled to open this month. According to their article on the Willy T, which included an interview with its manager, Ewan Anderson, the article states that the floating bar “is expected to be back in operation this month.” The article goes on to offer more details on why the owners decided to bring it back, where it’s coming from and what it will look like.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Loved that boat/bar! Jumped off several times and had one of those tattoos smacked right on my butt! Good times. Can’t wait to go back.

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  2. The WillyT is not just a bar and a place to eat; it’s an experience! Even though it is anchored and going no where (we hope) it is a real trip! Evenings can be a little loud but a lot of fun! If you want a
    more mellow time, try lunch. No matter when you go, you have to
    live it and love it! There is no place quite like the WillyT. It’s been down for the count a few time but somehow, it’s comebacks seem bigger and better! WillyT is the true comeback kid of blue waters!

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    • Thanks for the great feedback, Bonnie! We hope as well that the Willy T. is here to stay!

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