Own a Beach Bar in Antigua For a Day

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Want to own a beach bar but don’t have the funds to pull off a purchase? If so, you’re not alone. Most beach bars aren’t cheap, no matter how “throwback” they look. Plus, as I’ve found out through our businesses for sale page, wanting to own a beach bar and actually making the leap are two entirely different things.


Luckily for you, the owner of Jacqui O’s Beach House in Antigua has come up with a solution. According to a video he posted on his Facebook page, you can “own” his beach bar for a day. In the video, the owner states that Jacqui O’s “is giving you one day to be the owner of the restaurant.” You’ll be in charge of everything, starting your day at 8 in the morning and ending late at night. Describing the day as exhausting, dynamic and amazing, you won’t be on your own – you’ll have the support of the staff and facilities to make your day as a beach bar owner a memorable one.

To become the owner of this beach bar for one day, you must be on the island of Antigua during March, April or May. You have to send an email to lovebeachantigua@gmail.com or contact them via their Facebook page and tell the owner why he should put his restaurant in your hands for a day.

Sound enticing? If so, you will need to go to Jacqui O’s Facebook page to view the video.

Time to go get my resume ready!

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