Drone Racing at a Beach Bar in Greece

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While drone videos of beach bars is nothing new, drone racing at beach bars is something I hadn’t come across prior to yesterday. Luckily, my electronic Beach Bar Bums Daily paper turned me on to a neat video of someone racing drones at a beach bar in Greece.

The video, published by YouTubers “Rotor Maniacs,” takes place at a beach bar, presumably closed for the winter season, on Lagada Beach, located on Kythira Island in Greece. While the scenery most often zips by at a pace typically associated with drone racing speeds, it does offer a glimpse at the beach bar and surrounding beach, the bright blue waters offering a stark contrast to the pebble strewn sand.

Beyond the fact that the incessant motion from the drone’s video can cause reactions from nausea to vomit-inducing, the beach bar itself is actually pretty neat. In fact, I’d be proud to own something like it someday, even if no one besides a drone-racing local is around to enjoy it.

Author: Tom W.

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