Dealing With the Dingy at Dinghy’s Beach Bar

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If the past hurricane season has left you feeling a little dingy, you can head over to Dinghy’s Beach Bar on Water Island, a small island off of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. It’s one of guest author Kristie Weiss’s favorite beach bar and while it may not be the easiest place to get to, the destination is worth the journey. Come along for the ride as she looks back on her first visit to one of her favorite beach bars post “IrMaria.”

One of the only things that has remained consistent before and after the storms known as “IrMaria” are that my favorite beach bars have been some of the first places to reopen. Because I spend most of my time on a boat, my favorite beach bars are the places where you can show up in a wet bathing suit and your bare feet covered in sand.

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We finally got our boat, Pirates Penny, in the water and today was our first time to visit Water Island since the storms. If you’ve never heard of Water Island, it’s the smallest inhabited and mostly unknown island of the US Virgin Islands.

On the western side of Water Island is Druif Bay and Honeymoon Beach – home to Dinghy’s Beach Bar, one of our favorite beach bars to hang out at on a lazy Saturday.

usvi, us virgin islands, caribbean, st. thomas, water island

Since the bay is facing west, it has the best sunsets, is protected from most weather and is always calm. It’s the type of beach where you can relax in the water floating all day. The beach is not steep so it’s also an easy walk in and out to refill your drinks. This is especially important after a few refills!

st. thomas, us virgin islands, caribbean

Because of its location on Water Island, it is not that easy to get to, which results in the added benefit of making it less crowded (how to get there).

Dinghy’s is serving cold drinks and has a limited menu but the beach is as beautiful as it’s ever been. The palm trees are becoming green and their fronds are growing back quickly!! If you’re on St. Thomas make sure to find your way to Dinghy’s for a day.

st. thomas, usvi, us virgin islands, caribbean, water island

About the Author
Kristie Weiss and her husband Rich sold everything in 2015 and moved from Central PA and onto their sail boat. Over the next two years they sailed over 5000 miles, to 15 countries and over 100 islands searching for the best beach bars and an island to eventually call home.

In July 2017, they moved to the Virgin Islands and purchased the day charter boats, Pirates Penny and Stormy Petrel so they could spend their days on the water while showing guests around the islands they love. As the purchase of the boats was just getting finalized the eye of two Category 5 Hurricanes, Irma and Maria, came within 15 miles of their home and destroyed the island they now called home.

The boats they purchased survived both hurricanes and they have added their catamaran sailboat to the fleet, as well. Irma blew a lot of things away, and Maria drowned whatever remained, but the beach bars were some of the first things to reopen after the storm. Spending time on the beach drinking an ice cold beer is what brought a little normalcy back to their lives after the storms. That’s when they knew they were true Beach Bar Bums!!

Guest Authors
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