Jolly Beach Bars – A Video Intro to Antigua’s Sandra’s and Castaways Beach Bars

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I love a good play on words (“jolly beach bars” – you’ll get it soon) and seeing as how it’s the season for being jolly , I couldn’t resist the cleverness. Of all the beaches I’ve had the pleasure of setting foot on, Jolly Beach, located in the southwest corner of Antigua, sits squarely at the top with a select other few. A slightly crescent shaped beach stretching out just under a mile, Jolly Beach is surrounded on both sides by cliffs and while the popular Jolly Harbour development is just steps away, you never feel claustrophobic while roaming its shore.


Home to Jolly Beach Resort (everyone’s feeling jolly!) and offering up splendid views of Montserrat and it’s smoke-emanating visage, the beach is surprisingly lacking on beach bars. Castaways Beach Bar and Sandra’s Bar and Grill might be the only two independent beach bars on the beach. Not even Jolly Beach Resort offers a semblance of a beach bar, something I found slightly offensive during my stay there.

Oh well, few beach bars on a mile long beach simply translates into more of that laid back island vibe we’re all seeking and to find it, just watch Doris’s video. The public bus system in Antigua is amazingly efficient and cheap and incredibly easy to figure out.

Enjoy! Somewhere in Antigua, a jolly sunset awaits.

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Author: Tom W.

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  1. They also have Wi-fi at Sandra’s! It was often better than the Wi-fi at Castaways.

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    • Ahh, good to know. Thank you for the update!

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  2. Will be there in 2 weeks. I’ll send some pics!!

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    • Can’t wait to see the pics, Sherry. Have fun!

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