Four Videos to Get You Caught Up With Foxy and His Beach Bar

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If you’re wondering how Foxy and his beach bar are doing on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virigin Islands, wonder no more. He’s doing just fine and while he would have preferred not to have to fend off two Category 5 hurricanes, he’s still the Foxy we all know and love.

Since Hurricanes Irma and Maria ravaged the British Virgin Islands and others in the region, finding information on the affected areas has sometimes been difficult. That’s when videos from charter companies such as Marine Max Vacations and Moorings come in especially handy. Already in the area with boats at their disposal, they’ve been helping to get the word out about the islands since before, during and after the hurricanes first landfall.

Sure, the charter companies will benefit as more tourists view their videos but the islands stand to gain as well. A little free publicity never hurt anyone and the well-produced videos are a welcome glance into a recovery process that the mainstream press has already forgotten.

To all of you shooting videos and helping to spread the word about some of our favorite places, thank you! You keep producing them. We’ll keep sharing them!

A special thanks to Noelle Campbell for the header image! You can check out her photography on Instagram.

Author: Tom W.

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