Beach Bar Bums Online Store Goes Live

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With the tremendous success of the recent fundraiser featuring merchandise for Anguilla’s Sunshine Shack, the decision was made to continue to utilize the capabilities of Teespring and launch a permanent Beach Bar Bums online store. The store, along with featuring Beach Bar Bums merchandise, will continue to sell the Anguilla Strong Sunshine Shack items that were previously available. Note that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Anguilla Strong Sunshine Shack items will still go directly to Garvey to aid in the rebuild of his beach bar.

I’ll be adding more items to the store over time, including hopefully more Beach Bar Bums designs as well as for other beach bars. Whether they are for a fundraiser or not, the goal would be to allow beach bars who don’t have an online shop an opportunity to sell their merchandise to their fans across the world.

So check back often – we’ll be posting updates as new merchandise is added to the store!

Things to note:

We only collect the money if we sell 10 items so please spread the word to all of your friends. If we can’t sell 10 items, then I need to be doing something else. 🙂
Your credit card is only charged if the campaign meets its aforementioned goal of 10 items.
Once you place your order with Teespring, that constitutes a business transaction between yourself and them. Any issues you may encounter with the order will need to be resolved between yourself and Teespring.
For those of you outside of the US, international shipping is available.
For more on how Teespring works, you can visit their Help page.
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Thanks in advance for your support and in case you forgot where to find the store, well, here it is. 🙂

Author: Tom W.

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  1. I received wrong size. Can I exchange?

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    • Stephanie, you’ll need to contact Teespring to resolve any issues related to your order. They have great customer service so I’m sure it won’t be any problem!

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