Anguilla’s Elvis’ Beach Bar Open Seven Days A Week

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When it comes to beach bars, it’s hard to beat Elvis’. Located in Sandy Ground on the north end of the beach on Road Bay in Anguilla, Elvis’ quickly became a favorite of mine upon my first visit to the island. I can still remember glancing down the beach and spotting it for the first time and like a pirate to rum, I was hooked.

Like any great beach bar, the personalities behind the bar help shape its personality and you’ll be hard pressed to find more personable owners than Elvis and Brett. After observing from afar what they went through this past hurricane season, I was thrilled to see that they would be open seven days a week during the 2017/2018 travel season.

Offering Mexican food (including their self-proclaimed “Anguilla’s BEST fish tacos”), free wi-fi and musical acts DJ Sugar on Tuesday nights and the Musical Brothers on Thursday nights, Elvis is back to doing what it does best – providing an escape from the every day, a sorely needed getaway for people on the island.

So if you’re on the island or headed there soon for a tropical escape, stop by Elvis’ and spend some money. It’ll be time (and money) well spent.

For the latest updates regarding Elvis’ Beach Bar, you can “like” their Facebook page.

Author: Tom W.

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