Latest Videos of St. Maarten’s Sunset Beach Bar and Maho Beach

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St. Maarten’s Maho Beach and its famed Sunset Beach Bar seem to be recovering pretty quickly from Hurricanes Irma and Maria as these videos appear to attest to. The first video, which is featured above, opens with a shot of the eroded beach, devoid of tourists. It then pans and zooms in to show a battered and bruised Sunset Beach Bar that appears to be in good shape structurally. While the beach bar looks to recover quickly, the beach might be a different story, especially as evidenced in the video below.

Beginning with a close up shot of Sunset Beach Bar, the video quickly pans back to Maho Beach as a plane approaches the airport. Offering a glimpse of what’s left of the beach, it’s a stark reminder that while the structures might recover quickly on the island, its natural resources might take a little longer. As always, though, it will be worth the wait.

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