Da Conch Shack Is Back!

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Da Conch Shack, a popular beach bar located on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, announced on their Facebook page yesterday that they were officially reopened. After being impacted by the hurricanes this season, da Conch Shack’s Facebook post stated the following:

“Conch Shack Come Back! Da Conch Shack has made a Cat 5 comeback after Irma and is now reopening better than ever. We’ve had 2 months of 7 days a week construction. Conch shack staff including managers, chefs, kitchen staff and servers all pitched in working to repair and refresh da Conch Shack so that we can get back to doing what we love: making you happy. Da Conch Shack is reopening Tuesday November 21st and we are resuming our weekly live music beach party on Wednesday. Still the place to be on Sunday afternoons too. We are proud of what has been accomplished, come and let us know what you think! We didn’t want the storm but it blew us in the right direction.”

I was able to contact John Macdonald, the owner of da Conch Shack, and he was more than willing to answer a few of my questions while also declaring “we definitely fit in with beachbarbums.com!”

What was the hardest part about the rebuilding process after the hurricanes?
“The hardest thing about rebuilding after Irma was having no power or services for several weeks. Building resources on the island were scarce too but fortunately Karel Rodney (General Manager) has great connections in the community and was able to access materials and workers. Our staff pitched in too, painting and doing what they could.”

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Were any noticeable changes made to the beach bar?
“We used the opportunity of the rebuild to make several improvements. In the past we had constant line-ups for our restrooms, now they are nicer and have 4X the capacity! Nobody likes waiting in line. We also added and enlarged our deck seating overlooking the ocean, both covered and open. While some people prefer to sit in the sand, some people prefer to sit up on a deck, now we can keep everybody happy!”

beach bar, providenciales, turks and caicos, caribbean

What are you the most proud of about the rebuilding process?
“I am most proud of the amazing effort of Karel and staff made to get things done. They went above and beyond. The Conch Shack looks better in every way and is a reflection of their effort and love for da Shack.”

What would you like your customers to know about the newest “version” of your beach bar?
“When guests visit us we think they can feel that we love what we do. Being on a beautiful beach is wonderful but it is the atmosphere created by dedicated staff who really do want to make guests happy that makes da Conch Shack special.”

Da Conch Shack is in the good hands of John, Karel and their staff and we’re thrilled to have them back!

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