A Caribbean Reminder – Why We Love The Dune Preserve

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I’ve written about the Dune Preserve, Bankie Banx’s world famous Anguilla beach bar, multiple times on the blog before. On both of my visits to Anguilla, I had the great opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time within this adult treehouse on the beach. A visit to the Dune is a moving experience. Add to that up close and personal interactions with the incredibly hospitable Bankie himself and you feel as if you’ve just attended Beachside Baptist and met the head pastor.

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That’s why the damage to the Dune from the recent hurricanes hits home. This Anguilla mecca had been torn to shreds with pieces of it tossed here and there, parts of it never to be seen again. Formerly blocking the view of the ocean from its front entrance, the ocean is now clearly visible through the remnants of the Dune.

I won’t share current images of the Dune in this article. Instead, I’ll focus on reflection which in turn should function as motivation for the future. The Dune Preserve may be down but it’s far from out and if its past, current and former visitors have anything to say about it, there will be plenty more memories to come.

A special thanks to everyone who answered the call to share their memories of the Dune and/or Bankie. If you would like to help in their recovery effort, you can visit their GoFundMe page here for the US. For the UK, you can go here.

“One of my favorite places on earth. The people, the music, the scenery…. it just doesn’t get any better.” Cheryl Henshaw

“My daughter’s convinced it’s the coolest treehouse on the planet! The Dune 2016.” – Erin Baird

“You never know who you’ll see at the Dune, like David Bryan, keyboardist for Bon Jovi, playing with Bankie in 2011.” – Euge Groove Freedman

“With our old friend Floater.” – Robert Goldman

“Meeting Bankie in 2000, memorable!” – Paula Boccella

“Upstairs at the Dune. Moonsplash 2017 – the most amazing music festival on this planet.” – Navin Talawant

“Walk by this Magical place every morning …. Hope to again soon ……” – Mary Jane Baughn

We are so saddened by the destruction of the Dune, but know that the kind spirit and love that Bankie has for the island and all that live and visit will be brought forth in a new Dune. We will visit again and wish we were there to help. The feeling at the Dune was so relaxing and Bankie was very gracious. Anguilla Strong! Meeting him was the highlight of our stay! Mrs P.

“VIEW from the DUNE is OUTSTANDING!” – Jill Priddle

“no place like it on the planet..great spirits, amazing music and the characters are out of this world.” – Fabiana Liburd

“Here is the infamous tarantula shot.” – Eric Mongeau

“The man, the myth, the legend.” Darra Redding

“Planet Dune. Bankie- King of the Dune!” – Christine Peterson

“Simply perfect a special place!” – Carolyn Brown

“Moonsplash 2015” – Bob Miniter

“60th Birthday Celebration like none other!” – Prudence Sims

“RUM, REGGAE and wacky weed … time slows to linger … hospitality … cool vibes!” – Jill Priddle

“1999 before Lenny.” –
Fabiana Liburd

“Meeting Bankie Banx is the highlight of Dune Preserve!” – Jill Priddle

“We went to The Dune this past August and we were the only visitors there. It was a great experience – great food, some drinks, relaxing music, and even some chin ups with Bankie.” – Joe Guagliani

Author: Tom W.

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