A Caribbean Reminder – Why We Love Barbuda

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The island of Barbuda, part of the two island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, isn’t a destination we’ve covered a lot on this blog or on any of our social media sites. Having vacationed in Antigua and Barbuda twice, however, it’s planted firmly at the top of our favorite places to visit.

Famous for its pink beaches, Barbuda was home to about 2000 people before Hurricane Irma struck the island. Devastated by the hurricane, the island has since been emptied of its inhabitants with just a scan few allowed back. With the help of the government, the financial backing of Hollywood star Robert Deniro and others and the fortitude of its people, there’s no doubt Barbuda will once again be restored to its former beauty, a beauty impressive enough to draw the likes of the aforementioned Deniro and Princess Diana among others.

While this video offers only a sliver of a look at a sliver of land on Barbuda, its representative of the island as a whole, evidence enough to keep Barbuda and its people on your mind.

Author: Tom W.

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