A Caribbean Reminder – Why We Love St. Maarten/Martin

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Of all the amazing videos Todd Hayward, our friend from Flip Flops & Palms, has put together, his production of a recent trip to St. Martin/Maarten is my favorite. During times like these, I’m thankful for people like Todd who were able to so vividly and accurately capture the beauty of the island pre-Hurricane Irma.

We were able to visit St. Martin/Maarten a few years ago and it instantly became one of our favorite destinations, even earning mention among the coveted few spots designated “retirement worthy.” As with other Caribbean islands, it left an impression on us and observing from afar the troubles it is now facing is disheartening. However, just as the sun sets and darkness permeates, so does it rise with each new dawn, slowly but surely chasing away the dark and giving light to a new day and a new hope.

I recently came across a quote by the Persian poet, Rumi, and it’s something that is applicable not just to St. Martin/Maarten, but to all of the areas affected by the hurricanes this season – “You’ve seen my descent, now watch my rising.” I for one am excited to see the rising of the new Caribbean.

For more on Todd and Flip Flops & Palms, check out my interview with him here.

For information on helping Caribbean islands devastated in this hurricane season, check out this article for a list of relief efforts.

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