BVI Beach Bars Status Update And How You Can Help

Tagged: , , , , travel blogger, Kevin Wilkerson, recently penned two articles regarding the condition post-Hurrican Irma of some of the more popular British Virgin Islands (BVI) beach bar and fundraising efforts on their behalf. Including updates on such BVI institutions as Bomba’s, Foxy’s, the Soggy Dollar and Rhymers, Wilkerson’s posts provide the most comprehensive list I’ve been able to find online not just of these beach bars but the fundraising efforts associated with them.

Some of the most notable updates include Gertrude’s beach bar, which the article describes simply as “gone.” According to the post, Gertrude, the owner of the Jost Van Dyke beach bar, was injured and flown off the islands. Also described simply as “gone” is Bomba’s Surf Shack on Tortola, a shack in the truest sense of the word. Not built to withstand hurricanes of any major force, let alone a Category 5, the saving grace in the case of Bomba’s is that hopefully it won’t take long to rebuild it.

Wilkerson also includes an update on the Barefoot Cowboy Lounge on St. John in the US Virgin Islands, with an image displaying the half torn off building. It’s a bar we’ve written about before on the blog and we certainly hope for its, as well as the others’, quick recovery.

For more information on how your favorite BVI beach bar fared in the storm and images of their current condition as of writing, you can check out Wilkerson’s article here.

For a list of verified fundraisers (their verification steps are included in the write-up) for these BVI beach bars and other associated businesses, you can view their article here.

For a reminder of what you have to look forward to when the BVI recover, check out this article for a half minute sunset escape from Myett’s.

If you have a status update on any of the BVI beach bars listed above or ones that weren’t mentioned in the article, please leave a comment below or send me an email at info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com.

A special “Thanks” as always to Noelle Campbell for the featured image.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Thanks Tom. I’ve been working a lot on this – and also on Key West – to provide the latest updates. I have a source who’s in touch with lot of people in the BVIs and that’s been a big help. We all hope for the best for the people and places in the BVIs!

    Oh, and the Interline Regatta has been canceled. Might want to pass that along, as well.

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    • You’re more than welcome, Kevin. I know it’s a lot of hard work compiling all this information so I know my readers appreciate being able to find it all in one location. Here’s to a speedy recovery for everyone affected by Irma!

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