A Beer, A Beach And A Beach Bar Bum


The Beach Bar Bums community has never been a particularly demanding lot. By and far, we appreciate the simple life, albeit on a beach surrounded by palm trees. We’re not huge fans of stress (who is?) but that’s never kept us from hopping on a plane and dealing with the experience that is flying nowadays, as long as the destination is a tropical one. That’s where the rays of the sun, while not hot enough to melt anything of substance, manage to melt away the worries of the world. It’s the place where the only thing we are concerned with melting is the ice in our cups because hey, no one likes a watered down rum punch. Even beach bar bums have their limit.

This video sums up the beach bar bum attitude about as succinctly as anything else I’ve come across on the internet lately. It’s our preferred way to spend the day, liming away the afternoon with a cold concoction and the ocean’s gentle breezes the only required refreshment. It’s lazing at its finest and we’re more than willing to dish out a boat load of our hard earned cash to enjoy it. You can’t take it with you anyway, right?

So here’s to your inner beach bar bum who is constantly wondering why you keep dragging yourself to work every day. Don’t make it about the bills – make it about moments like this.

Author: Tom W.

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