Sixty Seconds at Fish Trap Restaurant and Bar in Seychelles

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The chances of me helping my feet sift through the sand at a beach bar on any of the beaches that call Seychelles home is remote at best. Located northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, there’s no easy way to get there from the US. For a lot of other people, though, it’s more than manageable and if I were one of them, I’d probably make a beeline for La Digue Island and the Fish Trap Restaurant and Bar.

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As if the myriad images of Seychelles’ stunning beaches wasn’t enough to convince you that it would be worth the hassle of getting there, this sixty second video of Fish Trap offers up incontrovertible proof that you would have a nice beachfront bar and restaurant to keep you company while wishing the rest of the world would just go away. You might never come home and we wouldn’t blame you.

For more on Seychelles’ Fish Trap Restaurant and Bar on La Digue Island, you can visit the following sites:
Trip Advisor – Goes into detail about the opening of the restaurant.
Seychelles News Agency – Detailed and lengthy article on the restaurant and the owner with lots of pretty pictures. “We want to make that difference that so many people are seeking in good service and good food.”

Author: Tom W.

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