The Daily Meal Releases List Of America’s Best Beach Bars

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Listing the best beach bars in a country as vast as the good ol’ US of A is never an easy task which would probably be why I’ve never attempted it. That didn’t stop Shannon Darnall from The Daily Meal from giving it a go, however, as she (I assume the author’s a lady) gathered together a list of the 25 best beach bars across America.

florida keys

Including watering holes near the water on the best beach bars list, Shannon’s list contains beach bars in obvious sunny destinations such as Hawaii with three beach bars, California with four and Florida with the most at five beach bars. The list didn’t avoid colder climes, however, as beach bars in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Oregon scratched their way into the top 25. Did I fail to mention Maine, Wisconsin and Alaska? Yep, they were invited to the party as well.

How many of the beach bars have you been to? Which of your favorites failed to make the list? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll finally get around to putting that list together. Maybe ….

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