Three Cool Caribbean Cocktails To Make Your Summer Hotter

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What pairs better with a hot summer than a refreshing cold cocktail? Nothing. That’s why this list of three cocktails from the casually luxurious Le Guanahani, a Caribbean resort located in St. Bart’s/Barth’s/Bart/Barth/Bartholomew (I think I got them all), is as welcome as the sound of clinking ice in your “it’s so cold it’s sweating” cocktail glass.

They take their mixology seriously at Le Guanahani where they include the classics with a twist as well as brand new creations. Headed by award-winning resort bartender Mathieu Jacquemin, the cocktail program “utilizes high quality ingredients from France, the United States, and the Caribbean” while often changing cocktail recipes to include fresh ingredients.

Included among the three cocktails from Le Guanahani is a riff on the Sidecar, a personal favorite. While the classic version and its varieties normally consist of Cognac, Cointreau and lemon juice, the staff at Le Guanahani sub the Cointreau with tonka syrup, honey and tobacco liqueur. Topped with a splash of champagne, this delectable take is dubbed the “Bar-to Sidecar” in homage to the resort’s fine dining restaurant, Bartolomeo.

To find out more about the three featured cocktails, including the original favorite “King Kong Splash,” and what Mathieu and the rest of his staff are up to at Le Guanahani (placing in last fall’s St. Barth Bartender Contest held by Tequila Avion!), check out the original article on the resort’s blog.

Now I’m thirsty. Time to make some cocktails.

About Le Guanahani
Originally opened in 1986 and expanded in 1991, Le Guanahani has established itself as a haven of casual luxury, comfort and elegance. An authentic reflection of St. Barth, the hotel has evolved into the island’s finest destination for active travelers, providing an unsurpassed array of leisure activities. In 2004, Le Guanahani added an indulgent Spa My Blend by Clarins, and it has continued to refine the guest experience through a series of extensive and thoughtful interior design updates over the past few years.

Author: Tom W.

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