New York City’s Best Beach Bars

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When you think of New York City, chances are its great beach bars doesn’t come to mind. More apt to conjure up images of its famous skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and Manhattan, the city that never sleeps doesn’t hold back when it comes to beach bars, at least if you ask the folks at Metro.

While most of the beach bars are located on boardwalks, in most cases, that “toes in the sand” feeling isn’t far away. The article breaks down the best beach bars in New York City by area/neighborhood, featuring Rockaway Beach, Jacob Riis Park, Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

Some of the beach bar highlights include Rippers in Rockaway Beach, known for its micheladas and craft beer selection and Coney Island’s Place to Beach, popular for its frozen margaritas and nachos at its boardwalk location. Other favorite beach bars include Brighton Beach’s Volna and Tatiana, “adjacent boardwalk bars where you can pair vodka, beer and wine with the likes of shrimp cocktail or smoked herring.”

For more on the best beach bars New York City has to offer, you can check out the original article from Metro here.

Do you have a favorite New York City beach bar? If so, let us know in the comments!

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