Coastal Living Releases List of Best Caribbean Beach Bars

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If anyone knows the best Caribbean beach bars, it should be the fine folks over at Coastal Living. Already experts in determining the best summer cocktails, they recently set their sights on figuring out which beach bars are the best of the best in the Caribbean. Limiting their list to only 10, they include some of most popular beach bars while welcoming some new guests to the party.

The usual suspects make the list including Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica, Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands and Iggie’s Beach Bar in the US Virgin Islands. There are a few beach bars that you don’t typically find in these “best of beach bar” articles. La Gloriette, located on glorious St. Barts is described as “a simple open-air shack overlooking a placid bay” and an “eminently affordable bar” that “couldn’t get any simpler,” all characteristics to the glitz and glamour of this small island.

The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar, located at the upscale Cap Maison Resort in St. Lucia, is further evidence that resorts, even luxurious ones, can do a beach bar right. I’ve been following the Naked Fisherman since it opened and I’m glad to see it finally popping up on these lists.

The article also includes details on each beach bar’s signature drink along with convenient “stay” options. Another reason you should check out the list? The authors generously included a summary page where you could peruse the beach bars on one page. Instead of having to click through page upon page upon page, you can go here, find your favorite beach bar and click on the image for more details. As someone who has suffered through click after click after click, this is a small but greatly welcomed feature.

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