Twenty Minute Escape to Roger’s Beach Bar in Grenada

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I’ve featured Roger’s Beach Bar, located on Hog Island, multiple times on the blog before, so I won’t rehash any of the details about this world-famous Caribbean beach bar. However, when a video pops up that gives an almost 20 minute tour of Roger’s, it’s my duty to share that with you.

Roger’s Beach Bar recently celebrted a “Hangover Party” on January 1st, ostensibly to help their patrons recover from the rollicking festivities the night before. Chances are, though, that’s it’s just another excuse to throw a party, serve some beer and listen to some good music. Luckily for the rest of us who had to nurse our hangovers on the living room couch with a pot of coffee, Rick Moore was there to preserve the moment for the rest of us. Highlights include a short intro to Roger himself, musical performers on a rickety stage just waiting to get swept away in the next high tide, never mind the electrical hazard and of course, a beautiful sunset to wrap it all up.

Special thanks to the Grenada Tourism Authority for allowing use of the image to promote their beautiful country.

Have you been to Roger’s Beach Bar? How about his Hangover Party? If so, let me know in the comments!

Author: Tom W.

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