Seven Images of Tropical Beaches to Warm Up Your Winter


A website I utilize frequently for images is Pixabay, a virtual treasure trove for license-free images to use in whatever manner you choose. One of the profiles that has quickly nestled itself among my favorites is “Walkerssk,” a website out of Slovakia. I don’t know if their members have taken all of the photographs themselves or they’ve just become a repository for great images but they’ve become a go to site for me when I’m searching out pics.

A good thing for me is they seem to love the beach as much as I do and are a lot better at capturing the scene than I am. Never one to shirk away from utilizing better images from someone else provided free of charge, I grabbed some of my favorite beach images from their archives to spotlight in this post. Some of the images have been featured on the site before in my weekly “Beach Thursday Pic of the Week” but those were most likely cropped in some manner. Here you have the images in all their glory, no cropping or editing on my part.

I hope you enjoy the collection of tropical beaches and it somehow makes your winter a little less cold. It’s already working for me.

For more on Walkers, you can check out their website here

beach wallpaper

beach wallpaper

beach wallpaper

beach wallpaper

beach wallpaper

beach wallpaper.

Author: Tom W.

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