Kastawey Beach Bar Debuts At Four Seasons Resort Nevis

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The Four Seasons Resort Nevis has something new to offer its guests and visitors and it’s a beach bar as the Kastawey Beach Bar makes its debut at this luxury resort on Pinney’s Beach.

From the Four Seasons press release:

“From local Nevisian dialect meaning to relax, limin’ in paradise has a compelling new destination. Four Seasons Resort Nevis presents the Kastawey Beach Bar, the Resort’s new casual beach restaurant and bar serving a delectable menu of light, hook-to-table fare, and a new collection of refreshing spritzes and classic rum cocktails – including the restaurant’s signature Kastawey Smash. Located on the Resort’s southern border in front of the adult Reflection Pool, Kastawey Beach Bar sprawls onto the golden sands of Pinney’s Beach with teak tables and chairs, surrounding an authentic, handcrafted Caribbean fishing boat, the new venue’s namesake. The new beach bar is open daily from 11:30 am to sunset.

“The new Kastawey Beach Bar is the perfect spot for guests to relax throughout the Caribbean afternoon or take in breathtaking sundowners,” sayes General Manager Ed Gannon. “Kastawey makes a sixth dining venue where guests can savour the authentic, fresh flavours of our island and enjoy an excellent view. Be sure to have our new signature dish and cocktail, the Kastawey Roll and the Kastawey Smash.”

A consummate marriage of spicy lobster, local fish, cucumber and masago, the Kastawey Roll is among a variety of sushi, ceviche, wraps, pokes and salad options on the menu. Four Seasons Resort Nevis focuses on locally sourced ingredients throughout the Resort’s entire culinary program, so all dishes utilise day-caught fish and organic vegetables and herbs grown in the on-site culinary garden or local farms. Guests can stop by Kastawey Beach Bar for a quick and delicious meal or stay a little longer, relax and sample all of the fresh dishes and tongue-tickling cocktails.

The Kastawey Smash is the perfectly balance of light, gold, dark and coconut rum with pineapple and tamarind juice for a delightfully refreshing, tropical treat. Guests also can choose among signature spritzes: the Coconut Rum Spritz, incorporating Nevis’ own Clifton Estate Rum; or the Nevisian Paloma Spritz, made with the Caribbean’s distinctive Ting grapefruit soda – to name only two.”

For more on the Four Season Resort Nevis, you can check out my article on their rum program here.

Head over to Caribbean Journal to view an image of the new Kastawey Beach Bar,

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