An Udder Delite – Discovering Boozy Milkshakes on the Path to Magens Bay

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While Magens Bay was our destination of choice one afternoon during our St. Thomas vacation, it had been brought to our attention by a couple of people that we had to stop by Udder Delite because, well, … boozy milkshakes. Tying my propensity for posting pics of cocktails and writing about rum and beach bars to my supposed appreciation of products not normally associated with booze, we were encouraged, nigh, implored to check this place out on our way to the one of the most popular beaches on St. Thomas.

We found it!

Luckily there were no lines!

Never a group to turn down an alcohol-infused experience, we asked the taxi driver if he knew where to find Udder Delite and he knowingly nodded in the affirmative so off we went to Magens Bay … with a pit stop planned for boozy milkshakes. Udder Delite was an utter delight and didn’t disappoint as the thick flavorful milkshakes disguised any bitterness that may have been brought on by whatever liquor was included in our shake of choice. I decided to go with the Rum Runner because it looked like it had the highest proof alcohol in it (more bang for your buck) but there are many other variations to choose from if rum isn’t your thing. Plenty of non-alcohol versions are available as well – just make sure you keep track of them or the younger ones in your group may spend the afternoon at Magens sleeping instead of body surfing.

If a venture to Magens Bay on St. Thomas is on your itinerary, make sure to include a stop at Udder Delite. And even if it’s not, just go. Its delightful milkshakes are a perfect primer for an afternoon on the beach or a welcome cool down from a day in the sun. Plus, its booze in milkshakes. I mean … come on.

Plenty of outdoor dining at Udder Delite.

List of adult shakes at Udder Delite. I can't remember the exact pricing but $5-$6 rings a bell.

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If you’ve been to Udder Delite, let us know about it in the comments!

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Author: Tom W.

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  1. My husband and I have been there. It is ‘udderly’ fantastic… We even bought some of the liquor they use to make some at home! Thanks for sharing the posting…although I would never share my rum milkshake…Lori K

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    • Thanks for the comment, Lori! Makes me wish I had brought some of the liquor home as well. And don’t worry, I would never share my milkshake either! 🙂

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