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Plenty of pictures have been shared online of what Angel’s Rest, the floating boat bar in the US Virgin Islands, looks like from above. You can get to it by boat but if you’re feeling healthy enough, swimming might be an option and the view, as evidenced by the image below, is pretty spectacular. Still, I think I’ll opt for the “get me to the boat in a boat” option. Plus, North Carolina’s Outer Banks are still around and open for business and that includes selling plenty “Shark Attack” cocktails, a Tortuga’s Lie favorite in Nag’s Head.

View from behind the gazebo at Sandy Island, Anguilla

If you’d like your images to be featured on the blog, use the #beachbarbums tag and I’ll try and get you in. If you have a travel blog or personal website, I also try and post links to those whenever possible. I occasionally give away free stuff to some of my favorites so that’s pretty cool, I guess. Plus, the blog gets a BUNCH of views per day and the article is shared to all of my social media sites – you’ll never find a more dedicated group of beach bar lovers anywhere! If you’d like me to write an article featuring just your photos, send me an email at info at beach bar bums dot com and we’ll talk it over. Cheers!

Clearwater Beach, Palm Pavilion restaurant. #beachbarbums

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