Five Minutes At Sunset – Road Bay, Sandy Ground, Anguilla

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Road Bay and its adjoining beach, located in Sandy Ground, Anguilla, is a magical place at that time of day when the sun is swallowed up by the horizon. One of my favorite places for sunset and home to such notable beach bars and beachfront restaurants such as Elvis’, Dad’s, Johnno’s and Roy’s (plus the famous Pumphouse just across the road), it’s a place I consider home every time I spot it. Having had the opportunity to stay in the area and become friends with many of the business owners that make this place the center of nightlife for the island, Sandy Ground and Road Bay will always hold a special place not just because of its natural beauty but because of the people who flock to it every day.

Sunset over Road Bay in Sandy Ground, Anguilla

That’s why I was excited when I discovered this video from Rick Moore. It manages to capture the beauty that is Road Bay at sunset in a way I could never accomplish in words. Sometimes you just have to put a stop to the typing and let the video speak for itself. Take me away, Rick. I need a mental escape!

Author: Tom W.

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  1. I am looking for a bar in the Caribbean. We are musicians. Not too expensive. Attached living space would be great.

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    • Mary, I will send you an email shortly. Thank you!

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