Fresh Travelling Releases List of Best Caribbean Beach Bars

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Fresh Travelling, a travel website related to “the latest and coolest beach findings,” recently released a list of the 12 best Caribbean beach bars. Included among the list are two each from Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands along with a couple surprise choices. Overall, however, the authors of the article played it pretty safe with their choices, going with tried and true Caribbean beach bars that won’t offend anyone with their placement in the top 12.


To view the list and find out if your favorite Caribbean beach bar made the list, you can read the article here. It’s a handy dandy list to have, especially for those of you looking for an easy reference guide for that day you decide to make your lifelong dream of island hopping through the Caribbean a reality. As fast as some beach bars change names, the beach bars on this list are bound to be here for awhile.

And yeah, my image of the Dune Preserve, where you can catch Bankie Banx doing that thing that made him famous, kicks off the list (pats self on back) so I feel kind of obligated to share it.

Did your favorite make the list? If not, which one was it and which beach bar would you replace on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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