Two Minutes of White Bay Jost Van Dyke Bliss

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There’s nothing else I can say about White Bay on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands that is going convince you to travel there. However, this video, by Christian Wheatley, might just do the trick. Featuring aerial and ground footage, it’s an almost two minute escape to a beach bar bum’s dream come true. Home to some of the most popular beach bars in the world, White Bay is synonymous with good times, good rum and good memories, at least those you can remember.

I haven’t had the chance to visit White Bay or anywhere else on Jost Van Dyke and I already know what I’m missing but after watching this video a few times, the realization of what I’m missing out on is starting to become a real pain and I’m not talking psychosomatic here – a real pit-in-the-stomach feeling that can only be cured by drinking some rum … on the beach … on Jost Van Dyke … from White Bay. Yeah, that sounds like a cure all for what ails me.

Author: Tom W.

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