Beach Thursday Pic of the Week – Haiti, Better Late Than Never

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I know it’s Friday so technically calling this post “Beach Thursday” makes no sense but like Haiti, it’s better late than never (I know you liked that clever segue). Being on vacation puts normal everyday activities on the back burner where they belong but when I added up the numbers for the last week and discovered the Haiti image was the most popular one, I knew I had to put up a post about it. Haiti doesn’t get a lot of positive press but if there’s one thing I’ve discovered through this blog, it’s that the western half of Hispaniola has some beautiful beaches that have yet to be discovered. People often complain about the rapid disappearance of what the Caribbean used to look like and maybe those people just need to take a closer look at Haiti. She might just surprise you.

Beach in Haiti, a reminder of what the Caribbean used to look like.

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