Take a Ride Down the World’s Longest Zipline

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The Dragon’s Breath zipline is so long, Royal Caribbean, the owner of the operation at its Labadee, Haiti location, doesn’t even bother calling it a zipline. They refer to it as a “flight line” and judging by the video below, they’re probably not far off.

It’s highly reviewed on Trip Advisor where on reviewer notes that “What can I say but you must do this.” With a ride starting at 500 feet above the beaches, over half a mile long and reaching 40-50 mph, it would be hard to argue with the aforementioned reviewer. Starting at $95.75, it’s not cheap but how many people do you know that could say they’ve ridden the world’s longest zipline/flight line? I’ve never been a big fan of cruises or ziplines but after watching that video, I’m inclined to give both a go.

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From the Royal Caribbean site: “Unleash your sense of adventure as you soar down the side of a mountain attached to a 2,600-foot long flight line. After a flight briefing and orientation, test your mettle on the shorter “Little Dragon” flight line. Then, experience a short drive to the take-off point, which is 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee, Haiti. Your flight will literally sweep you off your feet before you land at Dragon’s Breath Rock where your adventure began.”

Author: Tom W.

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