Help Identifying Abandoned Beach Bar

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I came across this video of an abandoned beach bar and since I’ve always had this thing for abandoned places (it’s the history geek in me coming out), it naturally piqued my interest. Trying to figure out their past, their story and how they ended up in their current state always fascinated me – it goes back to the old saying “if these walls could talk ….” If they could, oh the stories the walls of a beach bar could tell. And when it comes to beach bars, the dreamer in me comes out and I start to imagine buying the abandoned place on the cheap and turning it into my dream come true. You never know!

I’m not even sure where the video of this abandoned beach bar was taken. The YouTube user is out of New York so I’m assuming the beach bar has to be in the New England area somewhere (this would explain the lack of palm trees). Sure, I could post a comment on the video and ask where it is but what’s the fun in that? That’s why I’m reaching out to you! If you know where this beach bar is, let me know in the comments and if you know the backstory, do tell.

Author: Tom W.

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