Nevis’s Lindbergh Landing Touches Down At 1200 Feet Above Sea Level

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The Sunset Lounge at Lindbergh Landing on the island of Nevis in St. Kitts and Nevis isn’t your typical beach bar. However, when you have views like the ones they offer, a rum punch as your signature drink and hospitable hosts, you’ll quickly forgive the lack of sand and enjoy the beach-bar-like vibe this mountainside bar has to offer at one of Nevis’s newest and neatest bed and breakfasts.

View of the Caribbean from Lindbergh Landing. Image provided by Rob and Michelle Belliveau.

Two of our favorite intrepid traveling beach bar bums, Rob and Michelle Belliveau, recently had the luxury of visiting Lindbergh Landing and were able to get to know the owners, Spencer and Jacqueline (Jackie) Hanley. After conversing with Rob online about how great the place was (and secretly holding back a seething anger as he continued to send me pics of drink-toting tourists laughing and enjoying themselves among the sun-drenched foliage surrounding Lindbergh Landing as I sat on my couch at home with the heat on) and having him relate his experience to me with the wonderful owners, I knew I had to reach out to them and tell their story.

Doesn't get more inviting that the Sunset Lounge. Image provided by Rob and Michelle Belliveau.

How did Lindbergh Landing get started?
Spencer and I entered the world of semi-retirement in early 2012/13. I was a Tourism Executive for many years while Spencer was a banker. Therefore, in as much as our home is located on a few acres of land with lush tropical foliage 1,200 feet above sea level, we decided that it would be an ideal place for a small bed & breakfast. The business officially opened November 2013.

What separates your resort from others on Nevis and what can visitors expect if they stay at your resort?
Further to the above, we fall into the Bed & Breakfast status of the Nevis product hence not a resort. We are different to other B&B on Nevis for our breathtaking view point – a photographer’s dream. The view to the west is the Caribbean Sea while to the east is the majestic mountain “Nevis Peak.” We are also located on the fringe of the rain forest. Hence, we offer nature walks. One can see scores of vervet monkeys at play in their natural habitat. In addition, chickens and peacocks roam freely on the property, including our Crown Prince George, the peacock who loves to display his colorful plumage for the peahens and visitors depending on the right circumstances.

How long has the Sunset Lounge been part of the resort? Has it always been a part of the resort or did it come along at a later point?
The sunset lounge was added in early 2015. Late November thru March is the best period for viewing the most memorable sunsets.

Do you have specialty dishes or drinks?
We rear our own pigs. Hence, we feature a hot and spicy Jerk Pork Lindbergh Landing Style plus simple light fare and our signature drink is a smooth rum punch called the “Spirit of St. Louis” A visit to Lindbergh Landing would be incomplete without sampling.

Where can readers or potential visitors to the island find out more about Lindbergh Landing?
For reviews, persons can visit Trip Advisor to get a feel of our guest experience, and additional information via our website or Facebook.

About Lindbergh Landing
“In 1929 Nevisian born Ernest Hasting Hanley, a grave digger, returned to his beloved Nevis after 11 years in the cane fields of Chapara, Cuba. He was inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight of 1927 on board The Spirit of St. Louis, and acquired 5 acres of woodlands at Hamilton Estate with a vision for future development. In the process, he became the first Nevisian born laborer to earn Certificates of Title to lands at Hamilton Estate, Nevis. His pioneering spirit earned him the nickname “Lucky Lindbergh”.

Lindbergh’s vision for future development is being expanded through the eyes of his son Spencer, a retired banker; daughter-in-law Jacqueline, a retired tourism executive and grandchildren Nicola and Spencer Jr. They have complimented the natural fauna of the original agricultural woodlands with old fashioned Nevisian cottages with modern amenities for long term and short term rental, Bed and Breakfast options, plus nature walks/hikes through the fringe of the rain forest.

LINDBERGH LANDING is dedicated to the memory of ERNEST HASTING HANLEY (aka Lindbergh) 1899-1988.”

Author: Tom W.

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