Best Caribbean Beach Bars List Released By The Moorings

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The Moorings, a yacht charter and sailboat rental company, recently released a list of the best Caribbean beach bars. Somehow figuring out how to narrow down the list to only five and thereby opening themselves up to criticism from just about anyone who has ever set foot in the region. The list keeps it short and sweet, getting straight to the point of why each beach bar deserves a place on its list.

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While it’s hard for me to come up with my favorite beach bars just in the British Virgin Islands, the discussion generated by this short list will most likely accomplish what the author set out to do – generate conversation and interest in the Caribbean region and remind people that yachts and sailboats are a great way to explore the area, even if we might have a disagreement or two along the way.

To view the list and see if your favorite Caribbean beach bar made the list, you can find the original article here.

I’ve had the good fortune of visiting two of these. How many have you been to?

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