Fox’s New Show “Coupled” Comes to Anguilla and I Freak Out

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Anguilla is one of those islands you travel to and when you discover its beauty, you’re tempted to just keep it to yourself and not tell another living soul about it. After all, its beaches, despite being world-renown, are practically empty, even during the high season and its famous beach bars don’t require standing in a line of loud drunk tourists simply to place your order for one of the many rum punch varieties available across the island (including the best one I’ve ever had). In fact, you’re more likely to become best friends with the bartender than the sweaty raised armpit of a beachgoer swaying/stumbling to the latest chill lounge track his buddy told him is all the rage in Ibiza.

Aerial view of southwest coast of Anguilla

That’s why when I saw that Coupled, the latest reality show from Mark Burnett was filmed on the island, I was hesitant to write an article about it. After all, Anguilla is my little secret and even though I write about it fairly often on the blog, it’s for a readership of like-minded people and I’d prefer to keep it just between us, our little beach bar bums secret. However, getting worldwide exposure via the king of reality shows is a good thing for the island and its inhabitants and despite my grand preconception that my not writing about the show will cause it to tank and Anguilla will still be just mine, chances are pretty good that a whole lot of people are going to fall in love with Anguilla as a result of watching the show and in the end, that’s a good thing for Anguillians and the people that love them.

I’m still putting money on the fact that we’ll probably see a couple sweaty raised armpits on Coupled. Some people just can’t help themselves. Now if I can just convince them that a reality show based on me visiting the best beach bars in the world would be a ratings juggernaut ….

Coupled premieres tonight on Fox at 9/8 Central.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Refreshing perspective!

    Many fans of Anguilla do in fact want to keep it secret, get upset before rrealizing that the Anguilla culture is pretty hard to ruin. Frankly, we’re a little too “best-kept.”

    Two new hotels will be coming onstream next year. Even without those, we could easily accommodate another 10 to 15% in occupancy without any sweaty armpits.

    I loved your sensitivity to Anguillians and the fact that many are out of work. This type of publicity for Anguilla could put many of them back to work.

    All the best,
    Ken Evoy (AKA “Nori’s Dad”)

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    • Nori’s Dad (Ken), as a member of a family that I know holds Anguilla near to its heart and has done more to promote it than anyone else, your candor when it comes to discussing the economic reality of many on the island is welcomed and appreciated.

      The real beauty of the island lies in its people and if the show helps them, then I’m all for it!


      Tom (sans sweaty armpits)

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  2. I lived the live version of this. I was there when it was being shot but found my love first! She lived at Arawak, too. Beat Fox to it. Should’ve filmed us, ha ha.

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    • They should have! Congratulations!

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  3. Really agrees w Ken. Just barely escaped Ken being my ER attending doc in Montreal at same hospital I trained as an Anguillian. We missed each other only by months. Thank GOD we met instead on AXA. Great work Ken and Nori!
    This show is really great and timely for all the smaller Caribbean islands also as Cuba opens up.

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    • Clyde, thank you so much for your comment! Hopefully the show has a positive impact on the Caribbean region as a whole.

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