Capturing the Elusive “Green Flash” on Video

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I’ve been searching for the green flash for as long as I’ve been travelling to the Caribbean. Even though others have been able to spot this phenomenon (even with me standing a few feet away), the closest I’ve ever come to enjoying it was when I was drinking a Green Flash cocktail at Shipwreck Beach Bar in St. Kitts. Even then I missed it, most likely while I was reaching for my camera or mid-blink.

The sun getting ready to tease me with yet another missed sighting of the "green flash"

You can imagine my surprise when I came across this video on YouTube of someone who not only saw the green flash but caught it on video. Some guys have all the luck. I guess I’ll just stick to the cocktails.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. awesome! Thank you. I even lived there and never saw it. I always had to pretend I saw it haha.

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    • I might have to fall back on that whole pretending thing, too! Thanks, Roo!

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