Anguilla’s Newest Beach Bar, Bamboo Beer Box, Opens on Meads Bay

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I first started seeing images online of Bamboo Beer Box, Anguilla’s latest beach bar, a few weeks ago and if you know me at all, discovering a new beach bar is akin to stumbling upon a long lost treasure, especially one located in Anguilla. Situated on Meads Bay, one of Anguilla’s underrated beaches, the newest beach bar to hit the shores of this Caribbean paradise couldn’t have been built on a better stretch of sand. With limited beach bar competition and within walking distance of the high end resorts of Malliouhana, Carimar Beach Club, the Frangipani and the Viceroy, the Bamboo Beer Box has set itself up nicely and judging from the following email exchange I had with the owners, locals and tourists alike will soon be flocking to this spot the owners describe as “just a local bar with great “local” food and “good vibes” – a real “Irie” place.”

Lime the day away with the owners of Anguilla's Bamboo Beer Box. Image courtesy Bamboo Beer Box.

Can you give me a little background on yourselves?

“We are Eusie ‘Fishie’ Thomas and Andy Goddard the owners/creators of ‘The Bamboo Beer Box. Fishie is a Rastafarian from Jamaica and makes awesome furniture from local driftwood, wood and bamboo. Andy is from Barbados and is a professional singer who has entertained throughout Anguilla, Barbados, and the USA. We both love cooking local food.”

Anguilla's Bamboo Beer Box is as authentic of a Caribbean beach bar as they come

How did the idea to start Bamboo Beeer Box come about?

“The owner of Sur la Plage wanted to be able to control some of the beach goings on in front of her two rental villas but wanted something local and not too built up. Meads Bay has a huge variety of hotels and restaurants but there is nothing really Local Caribbean and almost everything is quite expensive. We are really just a local bar with great ‘local’ food and ‘good vibes’ a real ‘Irie’ place.”

Do you serve food? If so, what type of cuisine? Do you have any special dishes or drinks?

“We do a Bajan jerk spice for our ribs, jerk chicken or combo ribs/chicken, grilled fish and curry goat with sides of rice and peas, steamed vegetables, coleslaw and/or salad and fries. Some days we do Goat Curry. Tunerro is our Bartender. Our signature drinks are The Skinny Girl and the Bamboo Rider (a Banana smoothie with bite), male and female drinks, along with mojitos, rum punches and all the usual drinks found in the Caribbean.”

Where can we find Bamboo Beer Box and what are the hours?

“The Bamboo Beer box is located on the beach at Sur la Plage in Meads Bay (between Viceroy and Ocean Echo) and we are open from 10 am to 7pm and closed on Mondays.”

View from the beach of Anguilla's Bamboo Beer Box on Meads Bay

Will there be an online presence (website, social media, etc)?

“We have a Facebook page and we are working on”

What would you like potential customers of Bamboo Beer Box to know about your business?

“We want our customers to come and taste our special ‘Bajan’ rub ribs and we are planning on certain days to do authentic Caribbean local dishes from Barbados and Jamaica. Ackee and Saltfish with Johnny cakes will be Fishie’s signature dish and Andy’s will be a Bajan Souse. We also hope to introduce Breadfruit chips. We also are introducing fresh coconut water and iced coconut jelly to our menu.”

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