Best of Barbados Beach Bars List Released

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Not typically known for its beach bars, Barbados, about as far south and east as you can go and still be in the Caribbean, relies more on its rum shacks, small street-side stands dispensing rum and wisdom just about everywhere you turn. That doesn’t mean Barbados doesn’t have its fair share of great beach bars as this list from Luxury Journal at Rental Escapes illustrates. With beaches as beautiful as the ones that line the coast on this Caribbean paradise and with a populace that has the second highest GDP per capita in the region (if you include the Bahamas), it would be a shame if Barbados didn’t offer enough beachfront watering holes to satiate the desires of its well-to-do population.


Limiting a list of “bests” is a hard feat in and of itself but the writer of the article manages to put forth an admirable list while only including four Barbados beach bars, leaning heavily towards the classic throwback Caribbean beach bar vibe most beach bar bums prefer. From a basic surfer bar “touted as one of the last great surf bars in the Caribbean” to the beach bar that offers “a colorful, friendly place” and “a comfortable atmosphere,” this list is a reminder sometimes the best things in life really are the simple things.

Interested in finding out more about Barbados at its beach bars? Interested enough to buy one? If so, check out this Barbados beach bar for sale – a shame seeing as how it sits on the Gold Coast” of Barbados on a stretch of beach dying for a beach bar. And with $20,000,000 condos a stone’s throw away? If I only had the money ….

To find out more about Barbados beach bars that didn’t make the list, you can read about the newest beach bar on the island or the hard to find Juju’s, a beach bar worth the search.

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