Beach Thursday Pic of the Week – Varadero Beach, Cuba

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Whether they’ve traveled to Cuba or it’s the appeal of an undiscovered paradise (for most Americans, anyway) at our doorstep, the followers of my Facebook page chose this picture of Varadero Beach on Cuba as their favorite beach image of the week. From the little I know about Cuba, Varadero looks to be its answer to Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach or Aruba’s Palm Beach. About 75 miles from the center of Havana and measuring approximately a half mile wide and 11 miles long, Varadero looks like a skinny appendage thrust into the ocean’s waters as a futile attempt at protecting Cardenas Bay from the Caribbean should a hurricane come traipsing through the region. Fortunately, Varadero hasn’t had to worry about ravaging winds and rising waters and instead can focus on preparing itself for the onslaught of American tourists about to hit its shores. They’re not as dangerous as a hurricane but some locals may go running just the same.

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