BeetleCat’s Bringing Back Those Beach Bar Cocktails

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I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to beach bar cocktails so when I saw this article from Eater featuring a restaurant in Atlanta dead set on bringing back classic beach bar cocktails, I had to click on the link.

Waiting for a cocktail!

According to the Eater article, BeetleCat, “an Asian-American seafood lounge paired with cocktails inspired by 1970s and 1980s beach culture,” is dedicated to bringing back long lost classic beach bar cocktails and giving them a modern twist to fall in line with today’s craft cocktail scene. Featured in this article is the Honolulu Cocktail, a gin-based concoction falling somewhere on “the spectrum between classic cocktail and fruity martini.” Make sure and check out the article for the full recipe.

On a side note, Eater has also started an interesting series entitled “A Drink You Can Actually Make” which highlights easy to make cocktails from new bars across the country. Leave the nausea-inducing fancy builds to the mixologists – a simple and easy to make recipe can be just as delicious without a chemistry degree needed to figure out the ingredients.

Author: Tom W.

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