Rum-Infused Eggnog Recipes to Help You Through This Christmas Holiday

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The Christmas holiday can be a fun and joyous time but as we all know, the stress of hosting parties, buying gifts and the overall “busyness” that comes packaged with it like a gift under the Christmas tree can become a little cumbersome and overwhelming. Have no fear, Christmas warrior – that’s where rum comes in, cleverly obscured behind that frothy holiday concoction known as eggnog.

“To tradition-steeped Christmas celebrants, the season would be bleak unless thickly upholstered with Eggnog.” Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts, 1947.

Eggnog, homies. Spike it.

The following sites all offer rum-infused eggnog recipes guaranteed to make this Christmas weekend a more relaxed one and if enough people get in the rum spirit, it might even be your most memorable Christmas yet. You’re welcome.

VinePair – It’s a cinnamon rum version that makes all the calories worth it.
The Daily Beast – Not only do they feature eggnog recipes, they make them hip. I wonder what they could do with fruitcake ….
Epicurious – Love bourbon? This recipe contains not only rum but a whole cup of bourbon. Time to get serious, folks.
Esquire – These folks have the cognac crowd covered as they introduce us to the Virginia Eggnog which contains rum AND cognac. Pure yumminess.
Jamie Oliver – They simply call this one the best eggnog recipe in the world – “Creamy, sweet, and full of holiday cheer.” Nothing like a little modesty during the holidays.

Author: Tom W.

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