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A few months ago, I started posting images of beaches on a few of my Beach Bar Bums social media sites and not surprisingly, they’ve been some of the most popular posts. After all, a beach is kind of a prerequisite to being a beach bar bum so if we can’t be shuffling through the sand at one while sipping on a cold drink, we might as well daydream about them and be inspired to explore our next getaway, right? To that end, unless something more pressing comes up, Thursday posts on the blog will be dedicated to my “beach pic of the day” with the most popular post from the previous week earning the right to be featured each Thursday. Also, if a high resolution image is available, it will be placed on the Wallpapers page for one week so you can dream away the day when you should really be doing something more productive but boring.


The first image is one from the Maldives and if you decide to follow these Beach Thursday posts, you’ll probably end up seeing a lot of images from this archipelago. I thought this image was a painting when I first laid eyes on it but alas, it’s a picture and proof that the Maldives really are as perfect as they appear. You can go to the Wallpapers page to download the high res version.

If you’d like to have one of your images featured, send an email to info (at) beachbarbums (dot) com. If your picture is used in the article, you will be given credit however you desire (keep it clean, folks!).

Author: Tom W.

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