Six Images To Turn Your Black Friday Blue


Are you standing in some seemingly interminable line that snakes around the store like a sand crab searching for food on the beach? Need a little escape? If so, I may have just what your weary soul is looking for – six beautiful images of beaches and blue water meant to take you away from whatever Madison Avenue created bedlam you currently find yourself immersed in. It may not get you moving faster in line but it will have you thinking happy thoughts of warmer weather and less people … which are a lot better than the homicidal ones you were probably feeling earlier today.

I hope the images offer a little reprieve from the crushing masses that surround you, invade your ever shrinking personal space and threaten your sanity. Just remember – home awaits, along with a really stiff cocktail. Enjoy it, my friend. You’ve earned it.


beach, ocean, palm trees

beach, ocean

ocean, palm trees

beach, ocean, palm trees

beach, ocean palm trees, hammock

Author: Tom W.

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