Where Would We Be Without Beach Bar Owners?

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This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for beach bar owners because without them, we wouldn’t have beach bars, this blog wouldn’t exist, the world would stop spinning and the sun would not rise tomorrow. They’re a varied lot, to say the least, but they keep the rum flowing, the music going and the fun times alive. Their beach bars are generally a reflection of their own personalities which, in most cases, is a good thing. They’re counselors, tour guides, shuttle operators, entertainers, drink slingers, managers, bouncers, cooks, accountants, entrepreneurs, dish washers – whatever it takes to get the job done and keep our favorite beach bars open. They work insanely long hours, sacrificing family time so their families have a future, and rarely take a day off.

Hanging with Ketneal and Inon at Inon's Beach Bar, St. Kitts

So the next time you’re sitting at your favorite beach bar, take a moment to find the owner and tell him/her “thanks.” Without them, that vacation of yours in paradise wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or memorable. Or not memorable, depending on the amount of rum consumed during the memory-making event.

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